Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My STREAK has begun!

Howdy bloggers!
After attending Paper Cowgirl this year, my craft senses were awaken. This was my second year to attend Paper Cowgirl but my first to actually take some classes. My first class I took was was painting class to teach us to paint roses, which was awesome. Who knew that I could even paint at all. My flowers actually turned out looking like flowers. I was VERY impressed with myself. My girls also took the class with me in which they had a blast!
That afternoon I took a necklace making class. I have never soldered in my life which is hard to say since my mother was the soldered Queen of Paper Cowgirl! Many people did not believe me when I told them this but now I can say I have. I loved it and plan on making this my creative streak in the making. We made beautiful necklaces out of copper flower cut-outs. We put solder all over our flowers that we had to textured with a cuttle bug. After 2 flowers I had it down and flew right threw the rest. Next we had to add a patina and I chose a black patina. After doing all that we added the jump rings and the necklace part. Then I had picked 3 large colorful stones for the center. It turned out so cute.
That is when I realized, "hey, this ain't so hard" I need to find my creativity in myself and get this pony on the road. After taking this class I realized all the different things I could make using the process we used in the necklace class. So this is my beginning of my new career in art. I hope that you stay tuned for what is to come.
I still have several things I need to get together to start my artsy fartsy career. So please be patient with me as we journey down this road. I look forward to making new friends in the art world and becoming inspired by all the work my mother ever made and what I see today.
See ya soon~


Whim & Fancy Designs said...

Nicole~ Great Job on the Blog....Go get'em Gurl!!!

Nicole Lindsey said...

Thanks Ann-Denise!